Juliette's Life After Dental Implants

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"It was like walking out into a world that was happy, a world that was bright. A world that I could smile in again."

The Difference Dental Implants Can Make

Dental implants replace missing or failing teeth, but they are not the same as dentures. Instead, implants are inserted into the jaw bone, where they fuse with the bone to create a sturdy foundation for the replacement teeth. The implant post acts just like a tooth root, providing you with the stability needed to eat all your favorite foods comfortably. This integration with the jaw bone also keeps the jaw healthy and prevents bone loss caused by missing teeth.

Dental implant treatment is fully customizable to meet your needs. Our surgeons can place one implant for a single missing tooth, or use several implants to replace an upper or lower arch of teeth through full-arch restoration. After your implants heal, you can enjoy easier speaking and eating, and enhanced confidence.

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