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Meet Sally

Video Review

Dr. Frey was very nice and he made me feel that I was important.

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Sally's Story

"I had to have a tooth removed, and it was paining, so that's why I came. I was nervous because—well everyone would be nervous to have a tooth extracted, so yes, I was nervous. I was afraid of the pain. Dr. Frey was very nice; yes, he made me feel that I was important. Then, next thing I knew—they must have put me to sleep because the next thing I knew, they said, "Okay, you can get up now." They helped me; they held onto my arms, they stayed with me until I got my composure together. They helped me to the car and put me in the car, and I didn't have any trouble. I would recommend him to any of my friends, even if they didn't live in town, to come here because it's worth the drive to come here because they are so nice—the nurses and Dr. Frey."

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