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The recovery time was quick

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Shirley's Story

"I had to have my teeth extracted due to disease and wanted to have a more permanent procedure done. What I was going to go through—the pain—it sounded like it was going to be really painful and a long, drawn-out procedure, and actually it wasn't at all. Dr. Bobby Lesneski—I call him Dr. Bobby—he put me out and extracted my teeth, and I woke up with four implants in my lower jaw. Then the teeth themselves were put right on top of the implants. It wasn't bad at all, not at all. The recovery time was quick; I had minimal swelling, even with the extractions. He is a very caring and wonderful dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Bobby because not only is he the best in his field, in my opinion, he changed my life. He gave me my confidence back, and he gives you warm, wonderful hugs."

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