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Dental implants in  Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, and Owosso, Michigan
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Dental Implants in Burton, MI

Complete Your Smile

If you live in Burton, MI, and you are missing teeth and interested in tooth replacement options, dental implants can help you permanently restore your smile and oral function. A dental implant is designed to look and function like your natural tooth.

The Dental Implant Procedure

In most cases, the treatment involves three appointments. At your first appointment, we will review your condition, your medical history, and your X-rays and 3D scans. All of these will help us determine the best course of treatment. We will discuss your options for sedation with you, and then we will provide you with specific instructions for care for before and after your surgery.

At your next appointment, we will answer any questions you have after reviewing all of your instructions. Once you feel prepared, we will administer your anesthesia and your oral surgeon will place your dental implant into your empty tooth socket. Patients often choose IV sedation, which puts you into a sleep-like state and allows you to wake up once the procedure is finished. We will then send you home to recover.

During your healing period, your restorative dentist will shape your crown to match your other teeth. This custom-designed crown will be placed, along with your connecting abutment, at your final appointment. Once each part has been attached, your dental implant restoration is complete and you can return to your regular routine.

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As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we have been extensively trained to successfully place dental implants. Our team uses the latest implant techniques and technology available to provide patients with outstanding surgical care and achieve optimal results.

Where can I get dental implants near Burton, MI?

If you’re in Burton, MI, and interested in dental implants for tooth restoration, Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center would be proud to treat you. We encourage you to contact our office with questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert oral surgeons. Our friendly staff is always happy to help, and we look forward to meeting you.

From Burton, MI:

  • Get on I-69 W from Lippincott Blvd and Center Rd – 5 min (2.2 mi)
  • Continue on I-69 W
  • Take US-23 S to W Hill Rd in Mundy Township
  • Take exit 90 from US-23 S – 9 min (9.0 mi)
  • Continue on W Hill Rd. Drive to Gateway Center – 1 min (0.3 mi)
  • Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center 5417 Gateway Center Flint, MI 48507

These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer a variety of anesthetic options to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The method of sedation used depends on your preference, the nature of the procedure, and your medical history.

Hear From Dental Implant Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing dental implant treatment at our office.

Reviews From Our Dental Implant Patients

Gerald Reviews His Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant

"The receptionists—they warmed up so quick with their smiles, and it’s almost like they know you personally. I felt right at home when I went in. Dr. Frey is an excellent oral surgeon. He puts you at ease, and, before you know it, the procedure’s over with, and you’re done. For any of my friends that live in Waterford, Michigan, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dr. Frey."

Flo Reviews Her Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant

"Right away, we were greeted with a very friendly attitude and a comfortable feeling. Dr. Frey is a very friendly, people person is what I would call him. He made my husband Bob feel very comfortable. He was totally patient, able to answer every question that he had. Overall, our experience was one of complete satisfaction and comfort with the treatment we received, from everyone starting from the office to Dr. Frey. I would give Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons a five-star rating because they deserve it."

Suzanne Reviews Her Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant

"I was in an automobile accident, and I had quite a few of my teeth knocked out. They started with bridges, but then they splintered the teeth, and they broke off. Then I finally had to have the whole top pulled. I had root canals, and then the teeth broke off because Dr. Frey said that they get hard, or they don't have anything—they don't have life in them anymore, so they break off. And he extracted those—I have six on the bottom. When he was doing the implants, he had to do some bone grafting. Dr. Frey is very nice, yeah, very friendly, and yes, I would recommend him highly."

Suzanne Reviews Her Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant

"Well, I had some bridges that were disintegrating and needed to be taken out, and that was going to cause some empty spaces, so my dentist suggested implants. First time—very nervous. It's not something that I had been through, so I didn't know what to expect. They just were very comfortable, very good at explaining what I would be going through and what to expect, so that helped. First time, I was still nervous, but I felt better about it once I had heard from them what would be happening. I'm in the chair just like any dentist's office letting them work on me, and they are very good about talking to you and asking you if you're okay. Dr. Frey is probably one of the nicest guys I know. He just makes you feel at home."

Calvin Reviews His Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant

"My doctor — I've been with him for years — so I asked him . . . you know, he told me pretty much what I needed to do, and that was the bone implant. So, him being the guy he is, I asked him, "Give me the best place to go and the best person you know to do the work." So he suggested Dr. Lesneski here. I was terrified; you know, you hear so many things about, you know, drilling into your bone. But once I got here, they made me feel totally comfortable before the procedure. Dr. Lesneski did two dental implants; they gave me pain medication for after the procedure, but I didn't even take it. He called me, actually, after he did the procedure to check on me. That's rare, and it's a great experience, and I would pass it on for anybody who considers that procedure going forward or in the future to consider this place. It's really good."

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