Wisdom Teeth Removal in Oxford, MI

Prevent Problems & Protect Oral Health

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Oxford, MI

Prevent Problems & Protect Oral Health

Many dental professionals recommend having wisdom teeth removed early to prevent them from harming your oral health. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop. The average mouth can only hold 28 teeth, so trying to make room for an additional four can become problematic.

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt between the ages of 17 and 20. The earlier they are removed, the less issues they usually cause. The average person develops four wisdom teeth, but some people develop more than four while others develop none. It's important to continue to visit your dentist for regular checkups, as they will track the development of your wisdom teeth.

When the time is right, your general dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in surgical procedures involving the mouth and face. The specialists at Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center regularly perform this procedure in the safety and comfort of our five offices in Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Owosso, and Oxford.

Wisdom Teeth Consultation Appointment

During your consultation appointment at Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center in Oxford, MI, your surgeon will examine your mouth and take X-rays to determine the stage of development and position of your wisdom teeth. If your oral surgeon concludes that your wisdom teeth are jeopardizing your overall oral health, an individualized treatment plan will be developed for their removal.

Easy, Virtual Consultations

An online video consultation is a virtual appointment in a HIPAA-compliant video conference setting. It is an easy and secure way to consult with your doctor and care team about important information regarding your treatment plan, financial details, pre-and post-operative instructions, and much more. An additional benefit of an online video consultation is convenience. You are able to schedule the appointment at the time and place that works for you. An online video consultation is just like an in-person appointment. You can speak with the doctor directly and ask any questions you may have.

While we make every effort to try and exceed our patients’ expectations, eligibility is at the discretion of the practice to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. In general, patients seeking a tele-consult should:

  • Be between the ages of 14 and 30 years of age
  • Be in good health
  • Have recent panorex X-rays
  • Have a reliable, high-speed internet connection

If you are interested in a tele-consult for wisdom teeth removal, please contact our office in Oxford, MI and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Remote consultations save our patients time and money while providing the same exceptional care and attention as in-person visits.

Treat Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth is a tooth that develops at an angle and becomes trapped underneath the gum. The roots of wisdom teeth are large and unpredictable, making other nerves and roots susceptible to their damaging effects. Impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean properly, which can cause infections and gum disease. Leaving these teeth untreated can lead to the formation of painful cysts, tumors, and other complications.

When canine teeth are impacted, they are corrected with an expose and bond procedure. Unlike canine teeth, wisdom teeth do not serve a primary function so they can easily be extracted.

You can have stem cells from wisdom teeth banked now and used for possible regenerative applications and therapies in the future.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

At your first visit, you will meet with one of our oral surgeons, who will go over your options for anesthesia and take 3D scans of your mouth. Most patients choose to undergo IV sedation, which puts them into a sleep-like state unable to feel pain. A designated driver must take you home and remain with you for 24 hours after your procedure.

On the day of the procedure, your surgeon will remove any exposed wisdom teeth with forceps. We will break impacted wisdom teeth into smaller pieces before extracting them all. Any incisions are sutured closed, and you will rest in our recovery area until the anesthesia wears off. Be sure to follow the post-operative instructions closely to ensure proper healing of the surgical site and prevent complications.

During the healing process, you will need to keep the extraction sites clean. Avoid drinking through straws, as this can cause dry socket. Beginning the day after surgery, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Pain or swelling for the next few days is common and can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications, ice packs, and eating soft foods.

Have Wisdom Teeth Removed in Oxford, MI

If you or your child need to have wisdom teeth extracted, please contact our office in Oxford, Michigan, and one of our staff members will be happy to help you schedule an appointment.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer a variety of anesthetic options to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The method of sedation used depends on your preference, the nature of the procedure, and your medical history.

Hear From Wisdom Tooth Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing wisdom tooth at our office.

Reviews From Our Wisdom Tooth Patients

Careese Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Procedure

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Wisdom Tooth

"Well, I came to Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons because my dentist recommended that I had to have four wisdom teeth pulled, and of course, when I heard that, I was frightened because my older sister had a horrifying experience, and I was like, "Eh, do I want to come? Do I really want to get this done?" I was not excited about it at all. I was a little nervous, and then I also heard that people had different experiences; some people said it hurt, some people said it didn't. I didn't know what I was going to have. I thought I was going to have a 50/50 chance of it happening, so I really didn't know. But they eased my worries a lot when I came into the door. Well, my procedure was relatively simple. I came in, they gave me some laughing gas, and after that, they stuck the needle in, and after that, I don't remember a thing. And honestly, it was a lot easier than I ever anticipated. It wasn't that bad at all. Dr. Lesneski was probably one of the most approachable doctors I have ever experienced. From the moment I walked in the door to the time in the chair getting my procedure done, one of the best guys I've ever experienced when it comes to getting any kind of dental procedure. They're perfect, and they're wonderful when it comes to treating you and taking care of you."

Makayla Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Procedure

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Wisdom Tooth

"Well, I went to the dentist, and I got some X-rays done, and since I had braces, they said that my wisdom teeth would be an issue for me, and once I started feeling them poke through my gums that it was time to get them out. Dr. Lesneski was really friendly and inviting when I came in for a consultation. It probably took about five minutes for him to say, "We can schedule you for a wisdom teeth extraction. How does this date sound?" and I was in and out, and he just made me feel really welcome here. It was really quick. I don't remember any of it for hours afterwards, but my mom said it took about 15 total minutes for me to go back there and leave. If anyone in Bridgeport, Midland, or Bay City were looking for an oral surgeon, I would highly recommend Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons to anyone who is looking for an oral surgeon to go to."

Brandi Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Procedure

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Wisdom Tooth

"We came to see Dr. Kittle because my daughter needed her wisdom teeth extracted. The team here is really friendly. When we first walked in the front door, they were smiling, and they were happy to see us, and they just made us feel really comfortable the whole time we were here. Dr. Kittle was really friendly, and he made her feel really at ease. He even called us the next day to check on her and see how she was doing. The recovery for my daughter was really quite simple. The next day, you know, she took things pretty slow, but she really healed pretty quickly and pretty easily. Overall, our experience with Dr. Kittle and his staff was amazing. For my friends and family in Midland, I highly recommend Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons."

Mandi Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Procedure

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Wisdom Tooth

"I brought my son, Daniel, to get his wisdom teeth extracted. Everything just went really good. Dr. Lesneski — he is great. He really knows what he's doing. He made us feel very comfortable, where we knew that everything was going to go great. The staff is amazing. They were just very comforting. Everything was just great. I would highly recommend Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons."

Kristine Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Procedure

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Wisdom Tooth

"I came to see Dr. Lesneski to have him extract my daughter's wisdom teeth. It is very nervous anytime your child's put under, as a mom, no matter how old they are. Allie was coming home from college and having it done over Christmas break. I was still nervous as a mom; no matter how old your child is, they're still your child. I will say that Dr. Lesneski and his staff put me at ease. They let me stay with her as long as I needed. I really felt like the process was very quick, and for me, it was pretty painless. The staff was great as far as setting up the appointment (making sure she could do it when she was home for Christmas break), call-backs, setting up the appointments — they all were really great to work with. I really felt like him calling to check on her — I mean, he called, he checked on her after the surgery to make sure she was okay. He called the next day. He personally called, not a staff member. Who would you want to do your kid's surgery? Somebody like that."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you have enough room for wisdom teeth?

Every patient is unique, but most people simply do not have enough room for all four wisdom teeth. It's important to visit your dentist for regular checkups so they can monitor your oral health and monitor the growth and development of your wisdom teeth. When necessary they will refer you to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

What is the oldest age you can get wisdom teeth?

Age is not the most important factor when determining if wisdom teeth should be extracted. It is more important to consider the development of the teeth than the age of the patient. Wisdom teeth removal during adolescence is recommended because the teeth are smaller and therefore easier to remove. However, wisdom teeth can be removed at almost any age.

How should I prepare for my wisdom teeth removal procedure?

If you have been scheduled to have general anesthesia or IV sedation, it is essential that you do NOT eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to your procedure. We will provide you with detailed pre- and post-operative instructions to ensure you are prepared before, during, and after your surgery.

Is the third day the worst after wisdom teeth removal?

Pain and swelling after wisdom tooth extraction will build over the first 48 to 72 hours as the local anesthetic wears off and blood flow increases to the surgical area. Discoloration around the eye may occur. Days 3–5 are typically when pain and swelling peak. If you have any questions about your recovery, please contact our office for prompt assistance.

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