All of us desire to have a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile, unaffected by tooth loss, gum disease, or other concerns. Sometimes, the only way to maintain that kind of smile is by seeking professional care. Oral surgeons have a breadth of training not only to preserve the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws, but also to promote your comfort and safety.

How Oral Surgeons Promote Healthy Smiles

There are a number of ways in which oral surgeons are uniquely equipped to help you maintain the form and function of your smile.

First, oral surgeons have extensive training to perform surgeries within the smile, providing reliable care for tooth extraction, replacement, and beyond. Becoming certified as an oral surgeon means gaining deep knowledge about the anatomy of the mouth, ensuring high standards of clinical safety and care.

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Second, oral surgeons can also rely on their extensive knowledge of the mouth to perform comprehensive oral pathology, identifying any abnormalities that could be cancerous or precancerous. By identifying these issues early and advocating for prompt treatments, oral surgeons can potentially provide much better health outcomes.

Third, oral surgeons are one of the only healthcare specialists to receive additional training in the administration of anesthesia as part of their standard education. Their experience allows them to provide oral health services while truly securing the comfort and safety of their patients.

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No matter your oral health needs, it is prudent to seek the skill, knowledge, and experience of credentialed oral surgeons. At Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center, our oral surgeons have a proven track record of promoting quality patient outcomes, providing services that range from dental implant placement to wisdom teeth removal. Learn more about our team of oral surgeons today.